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The Environmental Department for the City of Webster City is responsible for 3 things:

  1. Managing Environmental Sites - We have a few environmental sites that will be ongoing for years to come. They often involve complex recovery systems, monitoring, and training requirements that are not typically found in most professions.
  2. Environmental Reporting/Sampling - Many agencies require the city to report what chemicals we use, how much we use, and how we dispose of them. Sampling is often required during that process and for projects that may involve things like asbestos, lead based paint, contaminated water, etc.
  3. Point of Contact - The Environmental Department is often asked to respond to calls agencies (DNR, EPA, etc.) receive about potentially hazardous environmental conditions or blatant violations of environmental regulations. We then contact the agency and let them know of the conditions.


400 2nd Street

P.O. Box 217

Webster City, IA 50595

(515) 832-9139