Fire Department

History of the City of Webster City's Fire Department

Webster City was incorporated in 1857. For the next two decades our town would struggle with the fire problem with almost no equipment and no organized fire department.

By 1875 the town had a loosely formed group of citizens who would respond when a fire was discovered. Their only equipment were long pike poles for pulling apart burning buildings and leather fire buckets to douse the flames.

In 1877 a "hook and ladder" wagon was purchased and was equipped with wooden ladders, a dozen fire buckets, axes and pike poles. The ladder wagon was pulled by hand with a long rope and was stored out doors in the business district.

Three years later, the City council, in beginning to establish a bona fide fire department, purchased a 100 gallon chemical fire extinguisher mounted on wheels, from the Consolidated Fire Extinguisher Co. of Chicago, Illinois for $750.

On January 21,1880 "Rescue Hook and Ladder Company #1 was officially recognized by council action and D.A. Tyler confirmed as the first Fire Chief of Webster City.

So began the illustrious history of the Webster City Fire Department.