Reserve Police Officers

The Webster City Police Department currently has one reserve police officer, Marty Parkhill.  Reserve police officers are volunteers, but do receive annual compensation of $1.00 per Iowa Code (80F).  These officers risk so much to volunteer in a profession that is inherently dangerous.  Their primary mission is to provide assistance to our regular full time force and provide security for community/school district events. 

 The Department is currently accepting applications from interested people for appointment.  All reserve applicants must complete and pass the same initial testing for certified police officers.  This includes,but is not limited to: physical agility test, Police Officer Standards Test, interview, background investigation, psychological testing, etc.  

Each reserve officer is required to become certified by the State of Iowa as a Certified Reserve Officer.  The certification process consists of six training modules, where the candidates learn police procedures, criminal law, constitutional law, defensive tactics, vehicle operations, and other aspects of law enforcement.  These modules total (80) hours of training.  Each candidate is required to pass practical and written assessments and complete several hours of ride time.

Once the candidate has passed the initial testing and becomes a certified reserve officer, the chief will officially appoint him/her as a Webster City Reserve Police Officer.  He/she will be required to attend department meetings, training, and work a minimum of (8) hours per month.  All required training, uniforms, firearm, and equipment are provided by the Department. 

Volunteering to serve our community and its department is an honor and privilege.  It is a respected position that involves a substantial level of interest and personal commitment.  

Reserve officers serve at the pleasure of the chief of police.