Trails End Cemetery

Trails End Burial Mound

Grave Site

Trail’s End... Members of the Wilson Brewer Family rest in an elevated burial

mound on the edge of Brewer Creek, near the Brewer Cabin’s original location.


Freeman Journal 1123-1934 & WC Public Press 11-23-1934

          “ … this week the bodies of Wilson Brewer, his wife, Margaret, three young children, and Sarah Brewer Bonebright, her husband, Thomas, and their son, Frank A. Bonebright … “  were moved to the grave site at the Park


  1.  Wilson Brewer and four of his children were buried on the South Superior street hill cemetery.   Children who died young:  Leander 1850, John Thomas 1857, Julia Ann 1857 and Nancy 1858-1860.  (Nancy is not mentioned in the 1921 book.)
  2. June 5, 1897 – Hamilton County Journal …Wilson Brewer and 3 of his children were moved from the South Superior Street cemetery to Graceland cemetery.  {Later reports said they were moved due to the change in the course of Highway 60 (17) – I do not think this is accurate.}
  3. The bodies were interred above ground because there is solid limestone 18 inches under the soil.
  4. The monument boulder was selected by Frank Bonebright prior to his death from the Bridge Mason farm located east of Webster City.
  5. In 1934, city officials planned to beautify the mound with shrubbery and two hard maple trees to be planted on each side of the burial plot.
  6. Frank’s wife, Katherine, died in 1939 and Harriet Bonebright Closz Carmichael died in 1940.  They were the final Brewer family members to be buried at the grave site.
  7. Jean Johnston (great-grandson of Wilson Brewer) wrote on 9-10-1939 that the bodies are all in a row.  East to West they are:  Wilson Brewer, Margaret Brewer, Brewer children, Sarah Brewer Bonebright, Thomas B. Bonebright, Frank A. Bonebright, Kathryn Poe Bonebright.  Harriet would have been buried last in 1940.
  8. Freeman Journal 10-12-1961  - Happy Land chapter of the DAR dedicated a plaque on the memorial boulder at the Brewer family burial plot on 10-11-1961.