Wilson Brewer-Alexander Groves Cabin

Wilson Brewer-Jackson Groves Cabin

Wilson Brewer / Alexander Groves Cabin

 Wilson Brewer, Webster City’s first resident in 1850, built his cabin on the banks of Brewer Creek near the Boone River.  The cabin was home to three more generations of the Brewer family before his grandchildren - Frank Bonebright and Harriet Bonebright Closz Carmichael - donated the restored cabin and surrounding land to the city in 1932.

 The Jackson Groves cabin was built in 1856 about three miles south of Webster City and was added to the Brewer cabin by Frank Bonebright as a lean-to.

 The Brewer-Groves cabin displays period household goods, antlers, horns, tools and farm implements collected by Brewer’s descendants to honor the City’s original settler.   This is the original Bonebright Museum collection.