Landlord Information

Temporary Disconnection of Services:

There is a $35 fee for temporarily disconnecting the electric meter or water meter. 

There are several things a landlord can do to help make a smooth transition when a renter is/or has moved out.

  • Contact us with any changes in tenants

Landlords should follow up with the Utility Office 515-832-9141 anytime there is a change in a tenant whether the tenant is moving in or out.

  • Ensure the tenant switches the utilities into their name

Make sure that your new tenant has come into the Utility Office at City Hall Located at 400 Second St, Webster City and filled out a moving in service order and has paid the utility deposit. Some landlords require the tenants to produce a receipt from the city showing they have paid the deposit and put utilities in their name before they give them the keys.

  • Ensure we have the tenant’s forwarding address when they move out.

Occasionally we are not aware a tenant has moved out and find out only after a new tenant establishes service or the electric is shut off for non-payment.