This page is designed to help each citizen get the form(s) they want by simply clicking on the link provided below.  The forms will open in Adobe Reader.  Once the form comes up on their pc they can then enter the requested criteria, print off the completed form and then bring into the Utility Office for rebate.  If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 515 - 832 - 9141.     
                                   For the Webster City Energy Efficiency Rebate Application!  

                            For the Webster City Energy STAR Appliances Rebate Application!  

                                      For the Central Air Conditioning Rebate Application!  

                             For the Geothermal & Air Source Heat Pump Rebate Application!

                                                     For the Lighting Rebate Application! 

                                    For the Insulation & Weatherization Rebate Application!

LED bulbs are being sold in the Utility Office to any residential or small commercial electric customer of the City of Webster City.  These bulbs range from 40W - 100W equivalent and are priced from .50 - 4.00.  Lighting rebates are included in the price with no paperwork needed.   We are limiting each electric account to a maximum quantity of 20 bulbs per year.

If you choose to purchase CFL or LED bulbs elsewhere we will offer a 50% rebate up to $2.00 per bulb with your submission of a Lighting Rebate form and itemized receipt.  The rebate form is available online as well as in the Utility Office.